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FAQ – Remote Online Notarization


Remote Online Notarizations

Below are some of the most common questions about how Remote Online Notarization is performed and what you will need! If you do not see your question, please do not hesitate to Contact Us at: 727-222-3557

What documents can be REMOTELY Notarized?

We can notarize any document permitted by your state for online notarization. Each state’s laws are different for notarization. If it’s legal to perform remote notary service on it in your state, you can sign it remotely. You don’t need special equipment, but you must upload an electronic version of your document. Our partner platform, OneNotary supports the most commonly used text and image formats, such as PDF files. The document size should not exceed 25 MB.

What are the steps in the Remote Notarization Process?
  1. Select an available time and schedule a session (Book Here)
  2. Follow the link in the email invitation you will receive from OneNotary and then upload your document(s) for Notarization
  3. Identify yourself by answering secure Identity verification from your history
  4. Dunedin Mobile Notary will meet you Online!
  5. Download your document(s) immediately after completing the call!
How is my Identity verified for the Notarization?

Our platform, OneNotary partners with a 3rd party provider to ensure the signer’s identity. Identity verification requires two steps. First, the signer must answer specific questions that confirm their identity. Second, the signer must photograph the front and back of their driver’s license using a smartphone. The signer then sends these images through an encrypted channel where they undergo a multi-layered identity analysis. Only signers with a confirmed identity can proceed with the online notarization session.

What happens during the Online Notarization?

The online notarization session starts when the notary presses the “Start Session” button and you’ll press “Connect” on your side. You and the notary meet virtually in the same session window. The notary confirms your identity and describes the next steps. You fill in the required information and sign the document electronically. After this, the notary attaches a digital notarization seal and, if necessary, a notarization certificate. Once the notarization is complete, the notary closes the session. The notarized document is available to you immediately afterward.

How is my secure information Protected?

Dunedin Mobile Notary uses secure Certificate Encryption for your safety.  Additionally, our platform, OneNotary, partners with industry leaders to provide secure identity verification, payment collection, and encrypted data storage. Every session takes place in a secure virtual environment. All confidential information that we are not required to keep is deleted.

My Document Needs Witness(es). Do you provide them?

For REMOTE ONLINE NOTARIZATIONS THAT ARE SCHEDULED AT LEAST 2 DAYS IN ADVANCE, we can supply up to two online witnesses for your remote online notarization.  Please note there will be nominal extra fees associated with this.

FOR MOBILE (IN-PERSON) NOTARIZATIONS, we cannot supply a witness(es) at this time, however this should be available soon!

Can I supply my own witnesses?

Yes, For Online REMOTE NOTARIZATIONS, each witness must pre-qualify the same as the principal signer(s), and each witness must have a unique email address and their own device with a webcam and microphone.

How do I schedule Online?

Dunedin Mobile Notary has electronic scheduling for your convenience.  Follow the link below to our Calendar and select a day and time.  (BOOK HERE)

How long will my appointment take?

Most Online Notarizations can be completed in under 30 minutes!  The exception to this would be if their are multiple document(s) or the need for other witnesses or signators.  Additionally, loan closings are a little longer, at about 60-75 minutes.

How do I get ready for my session?

First, you’ll schedule an appointment with Dunedin Mobile Notary HERE.  Once we receive your request, you will be emailed an invitation to an online notarization session.  You will create a secure account with our platform partner, OneNotary.  You will then go through the pre-signing steps: open an email with the invitation; upload a document; complete identity verification, and credential analysis; submit payment details. When the signer is ready for the notarization session, we will invite you to connect.



Google ChromeVersion 30 or Higher

*** Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge Will Not Work ***


Google Chrome (Latest Version)
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Test your Webcam and Microphone First

The following website is not associated with our business, but we’ve found it very helpful for testing webcams and microphones for remote online notarization:

Webcam and Microphone Test

Identity Verification – for All Signers and Witnesses

Florida’s notary law requires that yours as well as any Witness identity be authenticated using a 2-step process of credential analysis and knowledge based authentication (KBA).  If you do not meet the following requirements, online notarization is not an option for you, because you will not pass identity verification.  You must:

  • Be a United States citizen or legal resident;
  • Have a state issued driver license or ID card or a U.S. Passport;
  • Have a social security number;
  • Have at least five years of credit history in the United States – (Your credit is not “pulled”, but your history is used to generate 5-questions for the KBA test); and

Is your Credit Report Locked?

If your credit report is locked, you will not pass the ID verification process.  You must first contact the credit bureaus to unlock your credit report.

What is the cost, and how do I pay?

The cost for remote online notarization of a single document with one notary seal is $25.  Before beginning the online notarization session, you must enter your credit card details with OneNotary.  This amount will be pre-authorized to the credit card. The payment goes through once the notarization is successfully completed and the notarized documents become available in your profile.

How do I get/download my Document(s)?

Once the notarization session is completed, you will be redirected to the session summary page where you will see the link to download the document. You will also receive an email with a link to download the document. Please note that OneNotary only keeps your documents for 7 days after the notarization session is completed.

Can a Notary Public give legal advice?

No, a notary cannot give any legal advice. This would be considered the unauthorized practice of law and is strictly forbidden.  The unauthorized practice of law includes

-Instructing a signer which notary certificate to attach to their documents.

-Filling out or preparing documents.

-Giving advice or opinion on the contents of a document, including loan terms, interest rates, etc.

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